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Sigma dp0 Quattro: the power of imagination

Sigma dp Quattro Sigma Foveon Sigma lens Merrill

Foveon comes from fovea

small depression on the retina surface, where they are most sensitive elements which are representing the center of the eye sharpest vision 


In conclusion, playing with Sigma dp0 Quattro was really nice, easy and profitable to the expectations in terms of colour "presence" and well detailed subject interpretation.
It 'a device that does not occurs particular raccomandations about composition and exposure, apart of the defects list below, but leaving intact the pleasure of taking pictures with it. Even the limited amount of AF sensors (nine and rather spaced within the frame) is not cause of disappoint, because of high pdc that this  lens, still a 19mm, which holds in focus many plans, also opening to its maximum aperture
- Foveon X3 sensor
- Sharpness, contrast and saturation, lens
- Low distortion and virtually no vignetting
- Quiet operating
- Battery life
- Bundled software
- Compactness and maneuverability because of the absurd form
- Max brightness
- High ISO S/N response
Few shortcomings, despite the clear appearance of the prototype of this camera, which is certainly the best of its expression in bright light
Immagine Allegata:  0075  SDIM0414  1-250 sec a f - 11  ISO 100 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG
Immagine Allegata:  0076  SDIM0416  1-320 sec a f - 8,0  ISO 100 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG
Immagine Allegata:  0077  SDIM0423  1-160 sec a f - 11  ISO 100 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG
but that gives great satisfactions even under indirect lighting Immagine Allegata:  0042  SDIM0323  1-10 sec a f - 8,0  ISO 100 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG  where returns many details that other conventional Bayer-matrix sensors, would overlook
or ... under a city sky of stars, almost invisible to the naked eye ..... :)
Immagine Allegata:  0048  SDIM0351  30,0 sec a f - 4,0  ISO 125 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG thereby exposing

Thanks once again to MTrading for its kindness in allow us to use the Sigma dp0 for our tests 

Immagine Allegata: ccs-2-0-51384400-1450544039.jpg

Max Aquila photo © for Nikonland 2015

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