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Benvenuti su Nikonland Questo sito è indipendente, è autofinanziato, non promuove e non raccoglie pubblicità. Non è collegato con Nikon, Nital o le loro sussidiarie

Nikonland non è una rivista periodica e non è quindi sottoposta alla normativa vigente 


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Sigma dp0 Quattro: the power of imagination

Sigma dp Quattro Sigma Foveon Sigma lens Merrill

Foveon comes from fovea

small depression on the retina surface, where they are most sensitive elements which are representing the center of the eye sharpest vision 


Arrives from MTrading  when even on my countries rains and the sky is not 'bright as in the summer, the widest of SIGMA dp Quattro, featuring Foveon X3 sensor, the only three-layer RGB vertical, defined by Sigma "direct image sensor", this Sigma dp0 Quattro, showing a 14mm f/4 lens, that on the APS-C sensor becomes a 21mm equivalent: a real wideangle, at last !
It occurs within the austere white box that characterizes the current packaging dress 
 Immagine Allegata: ccs-2-0-68166200-1450517626.jpg
and here it is in all its shocking form of a can, on a Z-shaped handle (for better cooling needs of the internal electronics)
Immagine Allegata:  0001  _DSC1961  0,4 sec a f - 16  ISO 160 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG
seen from above
Immagine Allegata:  0002  _DSC1963  1-4 sec a f - 16  ISO 160 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG
in all its potential appearance of a big toy
Immagine Allegata:  0003  _DSC1970  1,0 sec a f - 16  ISO 160 Max Aquila photo (C).JPG
but equipped of paradoxal tech dates, in terms of MTF tests provided by Sigma: we will see about it ...

Test: Yes


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