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Benvenuti su Nikonland Questo sito è indipendente, è autofinanziato, non promuove e non raccoglie pubblicità. Non è collegato con Nikon, Nital o le loro sussidiarie

Nikonland non è una rivista periodica e non è quindi sottoposta alla normativa vigente 


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Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART : whatever the light... (test/review)

Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4 wide avalaible light grandangolo Sigma Nikon 24mm Nikonland test Max Aquila (c)

color and light, street and reportage, portrait and full-length set,
This Sigma wide is really "ART", always up to the subject ...

Sigma 24mm f / 1.4 Art: whatever the light...

Thanks to the kindness of my friend Mauro Maratta who lent me, I could use his  Sigma Art 24/1.4 on my Nikon Df
 Immagine Allegata: 001.jpg
having fun taking about a thousand files, in my way, on my subjects.
My first wide for Nikon was a Sigma 24/2.8, bought in Naples in 1988, yet I own
Immagine Allegata: 002.jpg Immagine Allegata: 003.jpg
and with which I matured a strong imprinting for "larger" wide-angle, bypassing for years most correct and "easy" lenses, as 35 and 28mm and starting from the 84 degrees of this focal then push well beyond the perspective of the right angle.
A gym with whom I have learned to use these focals into more various eventualities, finding myself in the early years of my photography to prefer the opportunity to expand the normal field of vision, rather than other, always attracted to extreme focals in respect of standard ones.
Over the time, passions are transforming and discovering streets even considered before, but enough to meet amazing tools as this hyperbright wide ART,
Immagine Allegata: 004.jpg
to get back to dream ... so warp !  Immagine Allegata: 005.jpg

Test: Yes


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