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Sigma 24-35mm f / 2 Art: earthquake among the zoom

Sigma Art Sigma 24-35mm f/2 DG Nikon G state of the Art Sigma lens for Nikon Segesta Selinunte Solunto Serpotta Palermo

Sigma defines first with this zoom state of the Art of the variable focal length in available light

Immagine Allegata: 0400 _NDF0916 105 mm  1-250 sec a f - 11 Max Aquila photo.jpg
This zoom literally took me out of control ...
Immagine Allegata: 0319 _NDF9706 24 mm  1-1250 sec a f - 3,5 Max Aquila photo.jpg
It is not "only" the fact that we are finally facing an epic turning point : achieving  f / 2 aperture (equivalent to the passage, in the mid' eighties, from a 35-70 f/3,5 zoom to that f/2.8)
Immagine Allegata: 0401 _NDF0918 105 mm  1-100 sec a f - 11 Max Aquila photo.jpg
it is not even "only" constructive ergonomics and balance of this impressive 980 grams object (hood included), strong of a 18 lens elements in 13 groups scheme, 13cm long "over all" and with a 82mm filter thread,
Immagine Allegata: 0402 _NDF0925 105 mm  1-320 sec a f - 8,0 Max Aquila photo.jpg
already focusing from 27cm of minimum distance (good at all focal lengths available), even of unusually small range of focal lengths  ("only" 1,45x), that plays all its shots in the wide-angle lenses field, used as we are to see and buy trans-standard zoom more or less extreme.
And even of extreme care, common to Sigma Art all lenses, the relationship in materials, assembly and aesthetic appearance,
such as the elegant nine-blade diaphragm Immagine Allegata: 0403 _NDF0929 105 mm  1-100 sec a f - 8,0 Max Aquila photo.jpg
and a superfine coating
Immagine Allegata: 0404 _NDF0935 105 mm  1-3200 sec a f - 8,0 Max Aquila photo.jpg
which guarantees neutrality also in worst conditions ...
This objective is an earthquake among the zoom because sets new standards to the level you can aspire than the equivalent prime lenses.
It's actually, in my opinion, a group of fixed focal lengths of consistently high quality, combined in one barrel and entirely satisfactory to replace them, without ... thorny regrets
Immagine Allegata: 0324 _NDF0873 28 mm  1-500 sec a f - 4,0 Max Aquila photo.jpg

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