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Sigma 20mm f/1,4 Art or Nikon 20mm f/1,8G ?

Sigma Art Nikon AFS-ED Nikkor Nikon Df 20mm available light

...and then they were three...

I believe that this quick test on the road ... of the two newer 20mm for Nikon transpire all the way that two houses designers they wanted to give, the price of which we have already seen in the first of these pages.
It remains to make some final consideration:
Nikon has taken too much time to give birth to this 20mm f /1.8 if we consider that, taking into account only the brightness, were already more than ten years that Sigma had already one for sale (which really had nothing to see, of course, with this wonderful ART).
Not yet born, here that is undermined and in many ways quite visible, outclassed, by this Sigma Art (for brightness, optical design, fine tuning focusing possibility, metal construction) for other aspects, rather more subjective, object of reflection for potential buyers (contrast, saturation, neutrality )
Us user of wide angles in many areas of our photography, we can only be happy with this harvest of lenses produced by the Sigma renewed energy (remember also the recent test of Art 24-35/2, 24/1.4 and the Contemporary 17-70/2.8-4 DC) and hope that other universal brands  (Tamron seems to start waking up) could in the near future get nervous and lose all reverence for the inaction of the "big" Japanese houses.
Immagine Allegata: ccs-2-0-01422500-1422374995 20-1.8.jpg Immagine Allegata:  0510  _DSC1993  1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f-1.8  1-100 sec a f - 2,0  Max Aquila photo (C).JPG

Immagine Allegata:  0080  _NDF4384  105.0 mm f-2.8  1-125 sec a f - 29  Max Aquila photo (C).JPG

A sincere thanks to MTrading who has granted, on national premiere, to test this other excellent Sigma Art
Immagine Allegata: mtrading.jpg
Max Aquila for Nikonland 2015 ©

Test: Yes


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