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Sigma 180mm f2.8 Macro OS, the Macrosaur (field test/review )

Sigma 180mm macro test review

Field test of the gorgeous, ambitious  wide-aperture tele macro by Sigma. 

On the field
I brought the 180 Sigma  in two different sites (in both cases with an overheated, schorching weather) and used it both free-handed and on a tripod, but mostly hand held to check the "modern" features of the lens, i. e. the silent autofocus and the image stabilization to check if they make a real advantage against older lenses of the same or maybe higher optical quality but more obsolete, like the 200mm f4 micro- nikkor AfD ED.

Immagine Allegata: 180b.jpg



Using  the Sigma 180 f2.8 OS handheld isn't an easy task but, to my surprise, it is far from impossible (apart for extreme macro), to the contrary, thanks to the bulk and weight it ensures a firmer grip  than with other tele macros. In addition the stabilization helps , allowing to obtain satisfuing results at least until you get a sore arm.  
In macro, if the subject is against a far and/or even background the Af works well, otherwise it tends to be fooled and to lock to the background.

Immagine Allegata: obelisk.jpg


One of my best macro shot of the season, handheld



Immagine Allegata: pieris.jpg


A really tame Pieris (or better a really still photographer), handheld.



Immagine Allegata: colias.jpg


Colias, handheld



Immagine Allegata: pieris2.jpg


Another pierid, taken leaning on elbows (myself, not the butterfly)




Test: Yes


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