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Sigma 12-24mm f/4 Art: sixth sense of prospective

Sigma Art

a tribute to the Photography composers

Concluding, I am strongly impressed by the project quality of this zoom: designed to work, respecting light and composition, well beyond the physical limits of its, amazing, extreme focal wide.
Perfect coated, but also at the extreme, in the compact and acceptable shape of its flares
Immagine Allegata: 070 _D8X9672 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-80 sec a f - 16  12 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
unaivoidable in a 120° angle of view lens
The files obtained by this Sigma Art 12-24 are easy to postproducing and ready to be cut, when requested
Immagine Allegata: 003 _D8X8540 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-500 sec a f - 5,6  18 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
It induces patient reflection in the choice, of the angle to be imposed into the scene, putting inside all is requiredImmagine Allegata: 086 _D8X9854 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-320 sec a f - 11  14 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
and this reflection could be a source of improvement in our practice.
I believe must be dedicated, for this reason, those who loves the compositional component of Photography, more than the instinctual, of which this zoom lens however could be interpreter
Immagine Allegata: 040 _D8X8928 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-160 sec a f - 8,0  14 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
I don't think it can be good in any hand: the street-photography needs to go around the more simple and light as possible, in news reportage serves a more extended (and brighter) focal range that reaches at least 35mm.
In the sport reportage serves a portrait of the subject the more exciting as possible of his athletic qualities... and 12mm turn into broom-sticks even the most sturdy rugby players, besides having to get too much closer to the action...
Certainly I have never seen a better widelens of this focal range, in terms of distortion (not induced by improper inclinations) and, above all, SHARP !!!
When you go to enlarge (also the center of...) the image taken with a wide, often we gather unimaginable disappointment: this lens, even at 12mm, goes focusing on the subject with a speed and accuracy that only on such focal, Sigma has given us in recent years, with Art series.
Nevertheless I continue to love the prime wide: those ones that you arrive with your feet at the point where you have to take the shot, and after a few times you know it, already before you put your eye to the viewfinder to be in the right place.
But I still want to use this glass bowl: it can't bore me ! Immagine Allegata: 504 _D5K9190 30.0 mm f-1.4  1-640 sec a f - 4,0    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
Max Aquila photo © for Nikonland 2017

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Thanks again to MTrading for supporting Nikonland test


Immagine Allegata: ccs-1-0-21552900-1490599894.jpg

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Max Aquila
apr 26 2017 01:10

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