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Sigma 12-24mm f/4 Art: sixth sense of prospective

Sigma Art

a tribute to the Photography composers

Immagine Allegata: 500 _D5K9142 30.0 mm f-1.4  1-2000 sec a f - 1,4    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg

After our recent preview now we're gonna to explore Sigma 12-24/4 Art expressive power, 
considering this will be one of my first time to measure myself with a so extreme wide zoom: I strongly prefer prime wideangle instead zoom, also if in other time we were forced by "APS-C factor" to try every focal lens to rebuilt a 20mm angle coverage also with zoom ...simply born to other uses...
This Sigma Art cover on full-format an immense range of field of view: since 84° to 120°, from few less than a right angle, to a third of a full circle !
This means that differences between onlight/backlight are really thin...
Immagine Allegata: 505 _D5K9199 30.0 mm f-1.4  1-250 sec a f - 5,6    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
Despite its considerable weight and the maximum diameter of ten centimeters this Art falls well in hand and gives sensation to be less fat than it seems.
Immagine Allegata: 502 _D5K9164 30.0 mm f-1.4  1-500 sec a f - 2,8    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Immagine Allegata: 503 _D5K9179 30.0 mm f-1.4  1-800 sec a f - 2,0    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
But its most attractive feature, continuous zooming ring, pushes naturally to use almost exclusively shortest lenght of 12mm, so to keep all in the frame, careless of the awful perspective errors, just to see...


 Immagine Allegata: 001 _D8X8521 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-80 sec a f - 8,0  12 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg courageous diagonal lines

all of interiors...Immagine Allegata: 002 _D8X8530 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-80 sec a f - 4,0  17 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
Immagine Allegata: 023 _D8X8639 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-200 sec a f - 5,6  13 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg crushed by top..
flickers...Immagine Allegata: 116 _D8X0097 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-60 sec a f - 11    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
and all the repertory that our FX reflex permits
(also the best of Nikon today) Immagine Allegata: 501 _D5K9155 30.0 mm f-1.4  1-5000 sec a f - 1,6    Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
In this article I will try to describe feelings induced by this latest  Yamaki-era Sigma masterpiece, in terms of usability, already declaring one of the conclusions I have reached in a month of use (thanks of course to the kindness of Mtrading, italian importer, that gave us availability): this zoom is not for everyone, not only for weight and price, but certainly can not be considered a target for street photography, as perhaps some thought could be.
It is a very targeted tool for those in photography has extreme care about the perspective control in a professional environment: as the title of the article, even a "sixth sense" for the care of it.
They will be paid back with the same coin !

Immagine Allegata: 099 _D8X9947 12.0-24.0 mm f-4.0  1-25 sec a f - 11  12 mm  Max Aquila photo (C).jpg


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