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Benvenuti su Nikonland Questo sito è indipendente, è autofinanziato, non promuove e non raccoglie pubblicità. Non è collegato con Nikon, Nital o le loro sussidiarie

Nikonland non è una rivista periodica e non è quindi sottoposta alla normativa vigente 


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Nikon V3 and 70-300VR riding high!

Nikon 1 Nikon V3 Nikon 1 70-300VR Palermo Montecarlo race 2015 mirrorless vela d altura regatta

recipe ingredients:
- 1 V3
- 1 70-300
- 1 spot as Mondello beach, Palermo
- 1 support dinghy
Preparation time: less than one hour
Difficulty: for everyone

Mix in the JPG,  efficient V3 Nikon AF-C mode, AutoISO 100-800 in the automatic search of the subject, set the S mode at 1/2500 ", adjust Matrix in over and under exposure depending of the light angle, set the shutter to the sequence of 10 ftg / sec, adjust the 70-300  in VR Active position,boil just for 56 minutes under the August Mondello Beach' sun:
Three thousand files to choose the best to work on Lightroom and then print to the dark days of winter ...

Finally a goodbye to the crews of the boats that sailed the Palermo-Montecarlo 2015  500 nautical miles classic race,
especially to those who won:
Immagine Allegata: 0027  _DSC8057 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Esimit Europa2 setting the record in 47h 46'48 "
Immagine Allegata: 0040  _DSC8782 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg B2 second came in 65h 32'12 ",
skipper Francesco De Angelis ... (Luna Rossa America's Cup)
Immagine Allegata: 0036  _DSC8611 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg SFS II third, exactly one minute past the seconds ... :wacko:
Immagine Allegata: 0042  _DSC9033 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Luna-Uunet fourth, with a team mainly composed of 15 to 19 years old boys and girls  :ciao:
Immagine Allegata: 0043  _DSC9084 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Verve-Camer, fifth

but also to those who are earlier arrived, while bringing messages... that overcome them !  :bigemo_harabe_net-143:
Immagine Allegata: 0044  _DSC9493 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg

Max Aquila photo © 2015 Nikonland

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