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Benvenuti su Nikonland Questo sito è indipendente, è autofinanziato, non promuove e non raccoglie pubblicità. Non è collegato con Nikon, Nital o le loro sussidiarie

Nikonland non è una rivista periodica e non è quindi sottoposta alla normativa vigente 


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Nikon V3 and 70-300VR riding high!

Nikon 1 Nikon V3 Nikon 1 70-300VR Palermo Montecarlo race 2015 mirrorless vela d altura regatta

recipe ingredients:
- 1 V3
- 1 70-300
- 1 spot as Mondello beach, Palermo
- 1 support dinghy
Preparation time: less than one hour
Difficulty: for everyone

Mix in the JPG,  efficient V3 Nikon AF-C mode, AutoISO 100-800 in the automatic search of the subject, set the S mode at 1/2500 ", adjust Matrix in over and under exposure depending of the light angle, set the shutter to the sequence of 10 ftg / sec, adjust the 70-300  in VR Active position,boil just for 56 minutes under the August Mondello Beach' sun:
Three thousand files to choose the best to work on Lightroom and then print to the dark days of winter ...

Immagine Allegata: 0021  _DSC7586 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg

One of the reasons that led me purchasing Nikon 70-300 VR for my V3 mirrorless,  was the thought that he could solve many of the photographers problems in sailing regattas, especially those, such as the Palermo-Montecarlo , involving boats of absolutely various tonnage, posing framing troubles from the boat.
Immagine Allegata: 0019  _DSC7536 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
This explains the "recipe for success" in these pages leads to make easy ... what normally looks really hard.
Immagine Allegata: 0012  _DSC7268 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Immagine Allegata: 0010  _DSC7191 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
Let's start from the well-known fact that shooting on a fast-moving boat at variable speed up to ten knots, standing and framing in a  telephoto lens viewfinder shouldered almost entirely by hand, (a monopod is impossible to be used on inflatable boats for obvious risks associated with rebounds potentially very dangerous for the hull and...photographer integrity) turns out to be a gym certainly worthy of a twenty years old, less for a forty years, definitely....hard for the over fifties 
Immagine Allegata: 0001  _DSC6628 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Immagine Allegata: 0002  _DSC6640 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg
Immagine Allegata: 0003  _DSC6646 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg Immagine Allegata: 0004  _DSC6747 21082015 Max Aquila photo (C).jpg

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