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Nikon AFS 20mm f/1,8G ED: it's never too late!!! (test/review)

 gli antenati:
AiS Nikkor 20mm f/2.8s 10/1984 - 12 elements 9 groups 0.25 m 62mm Ai-S, CRC,
AF-Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 02/1989 - 12 elements 9 groups 0.25 m 62mm AF, CRC
AF-D Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 03/1994 - 12 elements 9 groups 0.25 m 62mm AF-D, CRC   

Immagine Allegata: Optic_20mmAFf28D.jpg three lenses: same scheme during three decades!!!
Thirty years later, here comes a new FX 94° field wide :

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 G ED

Immagine Allegata: 033  _NDF3376   1-60 sec a f - 16  60.0 mm f-2.8.JPG

that in the following pages I’ll put close to its predecessor, Nikon 20mm AFD, from two decades on the scene  (and also into my bag) characterized by the same lens project, as well as the overall performance, of the two previous versions, five more (AF) and ten more (AiS) years old.
 Immagine Allegata: 029  _NDF3345   1-60 sec a f - 22  60.0 mm f-2.8.JPG
Can’t go unnoticed physical difference between two lenses, passing from a 77mm filter thread instead of 62 in the smaller AFD
Immagine Allegata: 028  _NDF3336   1-250 sec a f - 8,0  60.0 mm f-2.8.JPG
to the very different barrel sizes Immagine Allegata: 027  _NDF3333   1-200 sec a f - 8,0  50.0 mm f-1.4.JPG
speaking about brightness of the newcomer, more than 1.3 stops, but also due to the typical tendency by Nikon to realize fatties not so different in weight (AFS 377 gr.  AFD 286 ), although a renewed scheme 13 lenses in 11 groups, with two ED elements and two aspherical lenses, nanocrystals and SIC coating treatment
 Immagine Allegata: 030  _NDF3347   1-1000 sec a f - 5,6  60.0 mm f-2.8.JPG
... all elements that speak loudly of improvements in terms of distortion, aberration and vignetting corrections, suffered by the old AFD, designed for film certainly flatless than a sensor.
Elements that add up to its large relative aperture and to the decreased minimum focusing distance (20cm instead of 25 of the older) suggest supremacy and …overtaking

Test: Yes


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